Programming in Python

Undergraduate course, University of Neuchâtel, Computer Science Institute, 2020

2020 - (2021)

Teacher Assistant for the Python course (beginner level).

This course is a first contact with programming for most of the students. The course is given to undergraduate students, in several fields but Computer Science (Biology, natural systems, Maths…)

Discovery of Python

  • First tests with the Python REPL.
  • Basic programming concepts (variables, loops, functions)

(The Object Oriented paradigm is not included in this course. Some of the students eventually discover it in the following semester.)


As soon as the basic concepts are understood, students are starting a project. In the past, the project has either been :

  • Robotics : Programming LEGO Mindstorm robots, in micro-Python
  • Board Games : Programming a board game of their choice. (Connect four, chess, (m,n,k)-game…)